Strategic Planning

We support senior management during the strategic decisional process, proposing different solutions to enhance company efficiency and suggesting the ways to reach company targets. We help the company in building and circulating an effective culture of dealing with company informations, that is the most important driver in the transitions, especially when the business is passed to next generation. We facilitate the sharing of planning process informations across the different organizational levels.

Strategic planning is done by different phases:

  • Environment analysis: during this step we define the targets and evaluate the actions to be taken to reach the goals based on the particular
  • Swot analysis: thanks to this analysis method we are allowed to know the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the risks, making that way conscious decisions regarding the company targets
  • Benchmarking analysis that is the comparison of the company with the most significant entities in the same industry in order to improve competition.
  • Impairment Test for an effective valuation of business assets, considering the social aspects of market


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