Public and Administrative Law

Anyone may find himself dealing with public administrations (i.e. administrative bodies of national governments, autonomous corporations and administrations, regional, provincial and municipal entities, chambers of commerce, universities, both economic or otherwise public organizations, various branches of the national health service, ministerial agencies, independent authorities, etc.). Our Attorneys provide the customers, being them individuals, corporations or public administrations, with the necessary guidance for an effective participation in the administrative proceedings, in the execution of procedural agreements, in the preparation of any kind of appeals. As matter of course, we provide specialized legal counsel regarding contracts for public services, urban planning, construction and public works, and political subdivision regulations. We also follow the bringing of actions against public administrations, or we may assist the latter in controversies as defendants. At this purpose, we advise on the appropriate course of action to be taken before ordinary, labour and administrative tribunals, drawing on the depth of knowledge offered by our attorneys with particular qualifications as legal defence in the High Courts.


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