Corporate Law

We assist clients from the inception of their corporate business activities, providing advice and professional services regarding:

  • The selection of the most appropriate corporate vehicle and the drafting of company charters to meet specific purposes and needs
  • The review and administration of shareholders interests and concerns
  • The transfer and acquisition of companies and shares
  • Buying, selling and leasing of businesses
  • The creation and management of joint ventures
  • Mergers, spin-offs, contributions of assets or business and other corporate transactions
  • MBO/MBI agreements
  • Insolvency and winding-up procedures

The Firm is often retained to advise, at national and international level, on antitrust and competition issues, as well as the laws and regulations governing specific industries, such as banking, insurance, securities, and investment sectors. Our Rome office is in close contact with the relevant Ministries, the public administration departments, and the regulatory authorities and bodies. This enables us to guide clients through the “red-tape” and assist them in resolving all bureaucratic issues. We also provide legal and tax due diligence services.

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