Studio Carlomagno Law Firm operates in all areas of tax law, corporate and commercial and business advice related to transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, capital markets law, banking law, European law and competition, national and international litigation, administrative law, labour law and intellectual property. The Firm assists clients in taxation and accounting issues, tax audits, due diligence and tax litigations. It’s the Italian leader in tax litigation. It also deals with business communication with detailed development plans, strategic organization, market analysis, business consulting and business coaching. The structure combines the classics departments, with interdisciplinary working team, trained by the best professionals, including of counsel expert, of the various areas covered by the Firm.
The professionals that make up each team bring experience and expertise from different areas of law, economics and sociology. Each of them has a complete and updated view of market and the related structures and dynamics. This allows Studio Carlomagno to handle a wide range of operations and to provide customers from various sectors with a real competitive advantage, both in legal and business areas.
Familiarity with the international environment is another peculiarity of Studio Carlomagno, whose members are professionals in both Italian and foreign registers, and is currently working with the same professional level in English and Spanish, and of course in Italian.


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